A miniature girl defies her father, setting out on a secretive adventure full of discovery and friendship.


7” Kara Vol. 1 is a middle-grade magical realism graphic novel by Becca Hillburn. Tackle big adventure with larger than life friendships! In a supply room closet. In an abandoned shed. At the base of an old Spanish Oak. Lilliputians are everywhere if you know how to look for the signs. Sometimes, if your heart is open, you might even befriend one.

7” Kara is a story of family and friendship, following the adventures of tiny Lilliputian Kara as she explores the larger outside world. Sheltered her entire life, Kara longed for adventure but found more than she bargained for when she met a human teenager and her pet kitten. Told in graphic novel format, 7” Kara is an ongoing comic series sure to delight readers old and young!

The sequel, 7” Kara Vol. 2, released in 2021.

Publication date March 17, 2014
MSRP $19.99
Genre JUV008080 - Juvenile Fiction / Comics & Graphic Novels / Fantasy
Audience Middle-grade
Level T (F&P). Grade 5.
Format Perfect-bound paperback full color 112 pages. 8.5” x 11” x 0.27”
ISBN 978-1-497369450
Hardbound ISBN 979-8-499479506
Publisher Nattosoup Studio

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Selected pages

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Major themes



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As Kara is faced with real challenges, her traditional Louisiana family must grow with her. Between keeping secrets, impending danger, and ultimatums, Kara’s family must learn to compromise or risk being alone in this scary world.

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Two girls, two cultures, one epic adventure. 7” Kara draws on themes of forbidden friendship, love, and emotional growth through these Louisiana families. Kara and Naomi are both isolated by their respective parents. They find solace in tales of their distinct worlds and learn to accept their differences.